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QA Native-Mobile Automation

Job Location

Work from home

Type of Job

Full time

Published Date

Nov 24, 2021

This is a remote position! 

The primary role of the Quality Engineer is to provide expertise and validate the code and functionalities for the Personalization platform systems and components to make sure that it adheres to the highest standards of quality. The relevance of the clients or integrations are quite critical in terms of impact, so any code introduced that is faulty will create a lot of business impact in terms of customer experience and brand. This person is highly technical, who understands the e-commerce and fin tech domains very well, and is well versed in the software QA.

Our Customer technology stack for the platform include components in java like micro services, message daemons, batches, NoSQL, Document Based and Relational Databases, Apache Hadoop, Spark, Big Data systems, Docker etc. to work, the candidate should be able to work on these stacks with relative ease.

An engineer working on this platform will be exposed to some of the most complicated problem to deal with, in terms of technology and business. Personalizing marketing and product use cases is a challenge, and having the ability to do it for the same user in the most efficient way will push the engineer to the limit.

Beyond this, the successful candidate is expected to be multi-disciplinary, and is a multi-talented member of the technical team. The individual is expected to be a self-starter and a team player, with a strong drive for results and continuous innovations. The individual should be able to deliver work with minimal supervision.

Skills and Qualifications
  • Upper-intermediate level of English skills.

  • Good understanding of native app testing (Android / iOS).

  • Good experience with 1 or more programming languages.

  • Experience with XCUITest (iOS), Espresso (Android) is preferred.

  • Knowledge of Jira, Github, Jenkins, UNIX commands, (basic).

What you'll do
  • Architect and develop C.I. infrastructure, automation and monitoring progressive platform.

  • Devise test plans and test cases that are automated for regression execution.

  • Increase and maintain automated test coverage.

  • Define, measure and report on coverage metrics and test objectives.

  • Set up and Support environments for testing.

  • Work with multiple partners/teams and lead projects to delivery.

  • Report defects in a timely fashion and work with the Development team to manage defects until issues are resolved.

  • Proactively create test cases for the known defects and integrate them into the test suite.

  • We believe that great work happens where people feel inspired and challenged. These are just a few things we offer to make this happen.

  • Compensation in US Dollars.

  • A very friendly and talented team.

  • Full remote position - 100% work from home.

  • Hackathons.

  • Partnerships with top-notch clients in Silicon Valley.

We know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates.


Please don't hesitate to apply!

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