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Software Labs.

For companies looking to outsource software development.

Our Software Development services offer custom solutions for various technologies (we call them LABS) ranging from Web, Mobile, and DevOps to Quality Assurance (QA). Our team delivers high-quality results that drive business success. Partner with us from concept to launch for effective software solutions.

Talent Hub.

For companies needing to form a team or increase capacity in their existing teams.

Our IT Staff Augmentation services offer businesses access to top-notch tech talent for short-term or long-term projects. With skilled software developers in different technologies, we have the perfect fit for your needs. Enhance your tech capabilities, get projects done faster, and achieve your goals with ease.

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Fully dedicated teams

Build your core development teams or open remote branches abroad, with full support from our People Care department, matching your timezone.

Seamless staff augmentation

Leverage extra capacity on your existing teams with our technology  based recruitment process that adapts to your culture and your needs.

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Iran Reyes
Head of Tech Architecture AT Jam3
"I couldn’t be happier with the DevOps candidate that Thaloz helped us hire. They really took the time to understand our company culture and technical needs, and delivered an exceptional candidate who has been a perfect fit for our team. I highly recommend Thaloz for their professionalism, expertise, and commitment to finding the best talent."
Jason Merkoski
CTO | MIT | ex-Amazon
"I had great success, working with Thaloz to bring an engineering and QA team into my project. The caliber of the people that were brought on was astounding and it's nice of course that the price was right too. Working with the management team at Thaloz was also enjoyable, I would definitely recommend and use them again!"
Manu Reynaert
VP of machine learning at IDATHA
"The biggest accomplishment of Thaloz, is that we do not have to worry about the level of software engineers they provide because they consistently exceed our expectations.

We highly appreciate the team's technical skills and their fast communication. I recommend Thaloz to anyone in need of top-notch software services!"

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How can I find the best software developers in Latin America for my company's needs?

Finding top software developers in can be challenging. At Thaloz, we have built many teams with highly skilled software developers who have experience working on a variety of projects. Our rigorous screening process ensures that we only work with the best developers in the region many regions, so you can be confident that you're getting top talent for your projects.

What services does Thaloz offer for companies looking to hire talent in Latin America?

Thaloz offers a range of services to help companies hiring talent in Latin America. Our staff augmentation services allow you to quickly and easily scale your development team with talented developers who are skilled in a variety of programming languages and technologies.

Our People Care department ensures constant feedback between our candidates and your project. We take care of all administrative tasks, from compliance to payments and activities, to keep our remote teams engaged with the community.

Can I hire engineers outside of Latin America?

Yes. Thaloz can source software developers from all over the world. Suppose you are trying to expand your business overseas or open new offices internationally. In that case, we can provide the same services and benefits according to your growth needs no matter where you want to locate your team. At Thaloz, we have all the tools to make remote work and communication as seamless as possible.

How does Thaloz screen and select its software developers?

At Thaloz, we have a rigorous screening process that ensures we only work with the best software developers. Our screening process includes technical skills assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks. When selecting candidates, we also consider factors like communication skills, cultural fit, and problem-solving abilities.

What types of software development projects does Thaloz specialize in?

Thaloz specializes in a wide range of software development projects, including web development, mobile app development, DevOps, QA, and more. We have experience working on projects of all sizes and complexities, and our developers are skilled in a variety of programming languages and technologies, so we can handle projects in a variety of industries and domains.