Sebastian Martinez


Seba used to be a business consultant for big companies, working in performance improvement projects as project manager. Since he started university in 2009 always looking for ways to be an entrepreneur, from e-Sports betting platforms up to e-commerce.
Since he was a little boy he always liked technology and digital games, this interest increased when he met his soul brother Pablo at the university. Reason why he decided to focus on digital business.
When he was a tenager he used to play football for different teams like Nacional, Villa Española and Basañes until he realized he wanted to enter the business world like his family. Reason why he decided to study business management as a career and then obtain an MBA.
During a couple of years he used to play competitive Magic The Gathering and in 2014 was the team captain of the Uruguay team that reached top 9 in the World Magic Cup.
As his main hobby, Seba loves to travel to different places and in different conditions, staying in five star hotels like the MGM in Las Vegas or sleeping on the floor on the side of a Road in Europe. “Every travel is a different adventure”
Other hobbies include windsurfing, video games, cooking, mixology and recently started playing the Guitar.