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Assemble or amplify your IT team.

Our hiring software eases the way to recruit, build, and manage your LATAM team—handling everything from payroll to perks and hardware, ensuring the right tech talent is ready to bring your ideas to life, always under your control.

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Outsource your product development needs.

Our Product Development Services helps you build and scale your software solutions through our end-to-end approach that encompass: Product Strategy, Design, Development, Testing, and Launch of your digital solution.

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Streamline implementations for optimal efficiency.

Simplify complex implementations and orchestrate seamless integrations. Empower your product’s implementation, elevate efficiency and scale productivity through tailor-made technology solutions.

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Tailored Solutions.

Within a short timeframe, we'll collaborate to finalize your project specifications. Together, we'll select the most suitable engagement model and onboard the ideal team for your unique requirements. Our goal is to ensure a perfect match between your project and our experts.

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Swift Launch.

Once milestones are agreed upon, we waste no time getting started. Our dedicated team will diligently work on your project while keeping you informed of progress and providing regular updates. We adapt to your evolving needs, ensuring a flexible and responsive partnership.

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“They really took the time to understand our company culture and technical needs
Iran Reyes - Jam3
Iran Reyes
Head of Tech Architecture AT Jam3
“We do not have to worry about the level of software engineers they provide because they consistently exceed our expectations
Manuel Reynaert - Idatha
Manu Reynaert
VP of machine learning at IDATHA
The caliber of the people that were brought on was astounding and it's nice of course that the price was right too.”
Jason Merkoski
Jason Merkoski
CTO | MIT | ex-Amazon
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Here are some answers from the oracle.

What services does Thaloz offer?

At Thaloz, we specialize in two pivotal services designed to supercharge your business's digital journey:

Talent Hub:
We provide staff augmentation services to ensure you have access to skilled IT professionals who seamlessly integrate into your existing teams. Whether you need expertise for a short-term project or long-term support, our tailored solutions help you scale your workforce efficiently, reducing costs and increasing flexibility.

Product Lab:
Our dedicated team of developers crafts bespoke software tailored to your business's unique needs. From the initial idea to the final implementation, we oversee the entire development lifecycle, ensuring that the end product aligns with your objectives and drives tangible business results.

How can Thaloz help me find the best software developers in LATAM?

Thaloz specializes in nearshore talent, connecting companies with highly skilled software developers in Latin America. Our rigorous screening and vetting process ensures that we partner with the best developers in the region, providing you with top talent for your projects.

What types of software development projects does Thaloz specialize in?

Thaloz specializes in various software development projects, including Web Development, Mobile App Development, DevOps, QA, and more. Our skilled developers possess expertise in diverse programming languages and technologies, enabling us to handle projects across industries and domains.

What are the benefits of nearshore tech talent?

Nearshore tech talent offers several key benefits. By leveraging talent from nearby countries, you can bridge time-zone and cultural gaps, ensuring smooth collaboration and efficient communication. Additionally, nearshore staff augmentation often provides cost savings compared to onshore resources, while maintaining high-quality talent and expertise.

What services does Thaloz offer for companies looking to hire talent in LATAM?

Thaloz offers comprehensive staff augmentation services tailored to your needs. Our extensive network of talented developers in Latin America allows you to quickly scale your development team with professionals experienced in various programming languages and technologies.

Can I hire engineers outside of Latin America through Thaloz?

Absolutely! Thaloz is not limited to Latin America. We can source software developers from around the world, providing the same services and benefits to support your international growth and expansion. Our remote work solutions ensure seamless communication and collaboration across borders.

How does Thaloz screen and select its software developers?

Thaloz employs a rigorous screening process to ensure the quality of our software developers. We conduct technical skills assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks. Our selection criteria include not only technical expertise but also communication skills, cultural fit, and problem-solving abilities.

How does Thaloz ensure smooth communication and collaboration?

Thaloz prioritizes effective communication and collaboration with nearshore teams thru our People Care department. We utilize advanced communication tools and project management systems to facilitate seamless interaction between your team and our developers. Additionally, we foster a culture of transparency and proactiveness, ensuring that your nearshore team remains fully aligned with your project goals and objectives.