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Level up your team with top nearshore talent

Elevate your team with top-tier engineering talent from LatAm! As your dedicated tech partner, we specialize in sourcing, managing, and retaining skilled teams, guiding you through every step of your nearshore operations journey.

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Next-level team augmentation

Access to LATAM talent

Hire top-performing development teams, pre-vetted and flexible to work remotely or in person.

Efficient recruitment

Achieve results 50% faster as we identify top talent and assess their skills and experience through tech interviews.

Budget optimization

Save over 40% of your budget with LATAM rates while recruiting a high level of professionals.

Aligned time-zone

Real-time collaboration within the same time zone, generating smooth communication & project continuity.

Operational support

We handle recruitment, equipment, and payroll—all in compliance with US and international regulations.

People care

We ensure every team member is motivated and performing at their best through our people-centric initiatives.

High-quality talent with unbeatable rates

*Estimations are based on information from Glassdoor, salary.com and live Thaloz data.

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The metrics behind our expertise

Conversion Rate
Retention Rate
Hires since we started
Countries from all over the world
Top-level engineers hired in a month!
Our Recruitment Process

Find your perfect candidate in less than a week

Our six-step recruitment journey to your perfect fit.



We align with your needs about desired profile and position.



Our Talent Team sources candidates that best fits you.



We run a rigorous vetting process to ensure quality.



Our Tech Team conducts top-notch interviews according to the technologies.


Client Evaluation & Hiring

Analize the candidates and choose those who better fit your expectatives.


People Care

Our Tech Team conducts top-notch interviews according to the technologies.

Nearshoring Benefits

Why Latam for expanding your team

Map displaying time zones with remote workers around the world.

Optimal English-speaking tech expertise.

Time zone synchronization and cultural affinity.

Lower operational costs, making it a cost-effective choice.

Overlapping business hours allow for real-time collaboration and integration with your team.

Comparable legal frameworks and regulatory environments can simplify contract management and compliance.

Geographical proximity that facilitates on-site visits when necessary.

Name the tech, we'll find the talent

From skilled developers in diverse technologies to professionals in UI/UX design, Product Management, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, Generative AI, DevOps, and beyond, we've got you covered! Let's match your needs with our pool of top-notch talent.

Discover the Thaloz House

Our versatile co-working and lodging spaces, perfectly tailored for today's work models. It's not just any house—it's a dynamic space where teams can seamlessly work remotely, collaborate effectively, host events, and even find bedding, all in one place.

Thaloz House entrance

The Thaloz House is located in the heart of the city of Montevideo, Uruguay.

Team members enjoying coffee in the Thaloz lounging area.
People care team brainstorming.
Thaloz team member walking with the laptop.
Thaloz team playing video games and ping pong.
Financial team working at the Thaloz House.
Thaloz CEO walking down the stairs.
Hostel space at the Thaloz headquarters.

Our hostel space is an ideal choice for remote team members or visitors from abroad.

Developer playing ping pong.

Success case


Global Tech Hiring Company

United States

Client’s challenges

  • Rapid and efficient team scaling.
  • Hiring senior-level professionals from various technologies, including management positions.
  • Administrative payroll and contract management of remote contractors.
  • Handling operational logistics to comply with international regulations.

Our solution

  • Successfully recruited over 90 developers for +15 brands across different industries, so far.
  • Filled roles with talent from over 10 countries in Latin America.
  • Hired senior professionals proficient in various technologies.
  • Addressed all compliance and payroll matters for the client.

Hired technologies

iOS LogoAndroid LogoAWS LogoDevOps LogoRuby LogoProduct Management LogoPython Logonode js LogoMachine Learning LogoReact LogoData Engineering LogoReact Native LogoAzure LogoGenerative AI LogoJava Logo.net Logo

Partnership benefits

  • Gained a staffing partner for accelerated and efficient team scaling.
  • Easily hired a large number of remote professionals.
  • Accessed senior roles at lower rates than the US.
  • On-going assistance with regulatory requirements and payroll.
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Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services and solutions.

Contact us for more information.

There’s high turnover in tech. How does Thaloz ensure consistent team stability?

At Thaloz, we understand this challenges and that's why we're proud to report that in the last quarter, we achieved an exceptional 86% retention rate. We attribute this success to our dedicated People Care initiatives, which are specifically designed to foster team stability and individual well-being.

Can I hire engineers outside of Latin America through Thaloz?

Absolutely! Thaloz is not limited to Latin America. We can source software developers from around the world, providing the same services and benefits to support your international growth and expansion. Our remote work solutions ensure seamless communication and collaboration across borders.

What kind of tech expertise can I find through the Talent Hub?

Thaloz specialty is finding the exact tech talent you need, tailored perfectly to your project. Python, JavaScript, React – you name it, we find the ideal fit, extremely fast!

Can I hire just one person, or do I need to hire a whole team?

You have complete flexibility here. Whether you need just one expert to fill a specific role or an entire team for a big project, we've got you covered.

How does Thaloz screen and select its software developers?

Thaloz employs a rigorous screening process to ensure the quality of our software developers. We conduct technical skills assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks. Our selection criteria include not only technical expertise but also communication skills, cultural fit, and problem-solving abilities.

How can Thaloz help me find the best software developers in LATAM?

Thaloz specializes in nearshore talent, connecting companies with highly skilled software developers in Latin America from their data base of +30,000 talents of various programming languages and technologies. Our rigorous screening and vetting process ensure that we partner with the best developers in the region, providing you with top talent for your projects.