New York Tech Week 2024 Recap: Top Highlights

New York Tech Week 2024 Recap: Top Highlights

This year, as usual, Tech Week was hosted in one of its main locations: New York City. The event ran from June 3rd to June 10th, and we had the opportunity to attend. We were fortunate to be there with an incredible travel team: Sebastián Martinez (CEO), Lucía Sánchez-León (CGO), Nicolás Bonora (Pre-Sales Engineer), and myself, Mikaela Cabella (Marketing Manager).

But before diving into this week’s insights, main highlights, and interesting tips for those planning to attend next year, let’s learn a little more about Tech Week.

What you didn't know about Tech Week

Tech Week is an annual event presented by a16z that brings together founders, CEOs, investors, developers, and tech enthusiasts from around the world to explore the latest trends, breakthroughs, and advancements in technology. Held in major cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, this vibrant week-long celebration features plenty of events, including roundtables, workshops, networking sessions, and panels.

Participants have the opportunity to engage with industry leaders, share insights on trending topics, and exchange business ideas within the tech industry. With its dynamic environment and diverse range of activities, Tech Week is a must-attend event for anyone passionate about the world of technology.

How can you participate as an attendee?

Before each Tech Week, a16z launches an official calendar listing all the approved events included in the Tech Week lineup. This calendar allows you to explore and register for the most interesting events based on your preferences, whether it's topic-specific panels, roundtables, happy hours, or other formats.

While some events may have an entrance fee, the majority are free. However, you must be accepted to attend, so make sure to register early to secure your spot. We approached the registration process as a whole team task, allowing us to attend numerous events at amazing venues organized by some of the most interesting companies. Check out a few shots from our experience at New York Tech Week 2024:

How about hosting your own Tech Week event?

Experiencing Tech Week as an attendee is one thing, but hosting an event is a whole new level. I had the opportunity to be part of the planning team for our 'Tech Tonic' happy hour, co-hosted with Tryolabs, an AI company also based in Uruguay, and it was an exhilarating experience.

The organization by Tech Week was incredibly efficient. To host an event and get it listed on the official calendar, you need to submit a detailed application form and ensure your event page is fully equipped with all the necessary information—this can be on Luma, Partiful, or even Eventbrite. After reviewing the proposal and event details, the organizers decide whether to approve it.

In our case, once our event was accepted and listed on the official calendar, the response was overwhelming. We were pleasantly surprised by the level of interest and the number of registrations we received, especially considering the sheer number of events happening concurrently—over 700 in total.

Thaloz at NY Tech Week

Tech Week began on June 3rd and continued throughout the entire week with the same enthusiasm, energy, and abundance of events!

Events were scattered across Manhattan, including Brooklyn and nearby areas. Navigating between venues required careful consideration of transportation times, ensuring we could maximize our attendance.

Most events focused on networking, founders' discussions, Gen AI topics, and exchanging valuable tech insights with enthusiastic individuals from various countries. Undoubtedly, one of the week's major highlights was the people we met. We formed new connections and friendships that lasted throughout the event and beyond.

About 'Tech Tonic': Our Tech Week Happy Hour

As mentioned earlier, navigating the event application process was straightforward. Once approved, our focus shifted to meticulously planning and executing our event in the bustling heart of New York City.

'Tech Tonic: Gen AI + Digital Product Founders Happy Hour' stood out during NY Tech Week with +100 attendees. In collaboration with Tryolabs, an AI Consulting and Services firm, we combined their expertise in Gen AI with ours in nearshore software development to offer valuable insights from both realms.

The atmosphere was incredible, and we were more than proud not only to offer a space to showcase the high-quality services of Latin American companies to the US, both in AI and product development, but also to see the amazing response from our attendees. Founders, CTOs, CEOs, and many tech enthusiasts supported and recognized the top-tier quality of tech companies in Latam, especially in Uruguay. This was certainly the first of many events to come!

Take a glimpse at some of the official shots from the event:

The cherry on top: We made it to Times Square

If Tech Week wasn't thrilling enough, we concluded our week with a feature on one of New York's most iconic spots: the Times Square screens. Yes, you read that right! Of course, as a marketer, the proof is needed:

Hey Times Square!

I think Seba, our CEO & Co-Founder (on the left), couldn't believe what was happening, so his eyes were fixed straight on the screen. Check out our full reaction and video coverage on our LinkedIn page.

My tips for next Tech Week

Thinking about attending New York Tech Week next year or this year's San Francisco or Los Angeles Tech Week? Here are some helpful tips and suggestions for your trip!

  • Plan your trip: New York Tech Week hosts events across various venues in Manhattan and sometimes Brooklyn. Plan your accommodation and transportation ahead to make the most of your time. Use Google Maps to check metro lines and pin locations beforehand for easy navigation.
  • Download the Luma app: Many companies use this app for event registration. It's essential to have it on your phone to access your QR codes for event entry and to find event locations if needed.
  • Create a schedule: With numerous events spanning different topics and formats, prioritize sessions and panels that align with your interests and goals for attending.
  • Be prepared to move around: Events are dispersed throughout Manhattan, and possibly Brooklyn, so consider travel times between venues when planning your schedule. Comfortable shoes and a portable charger will be essential.
  • Network actively: Tech Week offers excellent opportunities to connect with industry leaders, founders, and fellow tech enthusiasts. Attend networking sessions and engage with speakers and exhibitors to expand your professional network.
  • Take breaks: The schedule can be intense, so make sure to schedule breaks to rest and recharge. You can also take in the views of New York City during your downtime.
  • Enjoy the experience: New York Tech Week is an exciting event full of innovation and inspiration. Embrace the energy, learn from experts, and immerse yourself in the latest in technology and entrepreneurship.

Summing up

Wrapping up our experience at New York Tech Week 2024, it's been an incredible journey of discovery and connections. From walking through the bustling streets of Manhattan to co-hosting our 'Tech Tonic' happy hour, the week has been a thrilling showcase of innovation and collaboration.

Engaging with industry leaders, sharing insights, and forging new relationships have truly been the highlights, showcasing the dynamic and vibrant spirit of the tech community. As I reflect on this unforgettable week, we're grateful for the opportunities it has provided and the amazing people we've met! A special thanks to everyone who joined our event.

Don't forget to check out our recap video of our visit to New York City to catch a glimpse of the excitement and energy that defined our Tech Week experience. Until the next one!

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